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One call services are the center of utility damage prevention. State 811 centers provide the coordination of location services for underground public utilities that make up their membership. 811 centers need ticket management solutions in which members can open tickets and dispatch teams to locate utilities before digging begins to keep workers and surrounding communities safe.

811 Centers location services

When an 811 call is received, the call center is required to create a locate request ticket referred to as one call ticket. It is mandated that utility companies respond to 811 tickets raised by the excavators with the call centers within a certain timeframe as required by the state. 811 centers have the critical responsibility of managing, tracking, and closing these one call tickets with the goal of minimizing the occurrence of accidents for their members and communities at large.

Norfield has provided one call services for more than 40 years to some of the largest 811 centers in the nation. Our solutions are the go to for these reasons –

99.6% service uptime

Ability to customize required data

Instant and automatic notifications for all parties

Seamless coordination of location services

Submit your ticket to 811 Centers digitally

Industry Stat

Calling 811 or visiting has proven to be the foremost preventive measure in excavation safety and damage prevention. Research has revealed that if someone calls 8-1-1 before they dig, they have a 99 percent chance of avoiding an incident, injury, harm to the environment and even death.