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Driving Safety Through Innovation

Our next generation technology platform is focused on one call services, ticket management, mapping & GIS, excavation services, continuous intelligence (CI), artificial intelligence (AI), analytics and reporting. Using our software is seamless, straightforward, and scalable, making it the perfect addition to your business. We have fully integrated with a host of top-tier technology partners. We deliver an end-to-end offering with robust features that simply can’t be beaten.

There is a reason we attract clients from across the country. Our innovative damage prevention software makes utility and excavation work that much simpler, streamlined, and safer. You are making a conscious decision to eliminate hazards and human error by choosing Norfield’s software. Safety is our mission. Will you join us on our journey to revolutionize the damage prevention industry?

An Unparalleled Portfolio Of Experience

Here’s Why You Can Trust Norfield

Over 15 million annual excavation requests annually. With tens of millions of end-users, we’re a frontrunner in our industry. Our customers include governments, excavators, constructors, one call centers, and many more. Our track record of service excellence speaks for itself. If you want damage prevention solutions that work time after time – you know who to call.