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10 Strategies for Submitting Tickets to 811 for Excavators

For excavators, safety and efficiency are paramount during excavation projects. One critical aspect of ensuring a successful excavation is the proper handling of underground utility lines. To minimize the risk of damages and potential disasters, excavators must submit tickets to 811 for excavators “Call Before You Dig” state 811 centers. By doing so, they can alert utility companies to their excavation plans, and in turn, receive information on the location of underground utilities. In this blog, we will explore ten strategies to ensure a smooth excavation process and protect underground

Plan Ahead

Before commencing any excavation work, it’s essential to plan the project thoroughly. Determine the scope of the excavation and the area to be excavated. By having a clear plan, you can accurately communicate the necessary information to the 811 services, ensuring they have all the details needed to process.

Use Accurate Information

When submitting an 811 online ticket for excavators, it is critical to get the accuracy. Provide precise details about the location of the excavation, including the address, GPS coordinates, and landmarks. Include information about the project’s start and end dates to give utility companies a timeframe for their response.

Submit Tickets Early

Don’t wait until the last minute to submit your ticket. Give utility companies ample time to respond and mark the underground lines. Submitting your ticket early will help avoid delays in your excavation project and allow utility companies to plan their responses effectively.

Understand Response Times

Different states and regions may have varying response times for tickets submitted to 811 by excavators. Familiarize yourself with the response timeframes in your area to ensure you schedule your excavation project accordingly. This will help you manage expectations and plan your work efficiently.

Utilize Online Ticketing Systems

Many 811 services offer online ticket submission platforms. These systems streamline the process and reduce the chance of errors. They also allow you to track the status of your ticket and receive updates directly, increasing overall efficiency. Norfield’s DiG LOGiX is one such service.

Communicate with Utility Companies

While 811 will notify utility companies about your excavation, proactive communication can further enhance safety. Reach out to local utility companies directly to discuss your project and submit tickets to 811 before digging occurs and gain a better understanding of their infrastructure in the area. This open dialogue will ensure everyone is on the same page and minimize the risk of accidents.

Attend Pre-Marking Meetings

Some regions offer pre-marking meetings, where excavators can meet with utility representatives on-site before starting their work. These meetings enable valuable discussions about the project’s scope and potential risks, ensuring a safer and more efficient excavation process.

Mark Your Excavation Area Clearly

Before the utility companies arrive to mark underground lines, clearly outline the area you intend to excavate. Use white paint, flags, or other visible markers to demarcate the boundaries. This practice will help utilities identify the correct areas to mark, reducing the risk of miscommunication and possible damage to underground infrastructure.

Respect The Marks

Once utility lines are marked, it is essential to respect and preserve these markings throughout the excavation process. Avoid digging near the marked areas and take extra precautions when working within proximity to the underground utilities.

Report Damages Promptly

If, despite all precautions, you encounter a utility line during excavation, stop work immediately and report the damage to the utility company and 811. Promptly reporting any damages will enable utility companies to address the issue swiftly and prevent further complications.

Best 811 Excavation Services

With Norfield it is easy to submit tickets to 811 for excavators using our DiG LOGiX application ensuring safe and successful excavation projects for excavators. By employing these ten strategies, excavators can foster better communication with utility companies, reduce the risk of damage, and protect underground infrastructure.

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