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Fundamental factors for choosing the right locate and ticket management software

There are numerous types of ticket management software solutions in the market today. So how do you choose the right one? It is important to understand what to look for in a locate ticket management software. It can be difficult to compare any two kinds of ticket management software solutions and know what you really need. On average, utility and locate companies should evaluate multiple utility locate software solutions to find the perfect solution to make sure efficiencies are realized in the company’s locate processes. The solution you select should help to save the company from possible third-party damages with smooth and efficient management of locates.

Here is what you need to know when you start your research –

Seamless integration with state 811s

The system should be able to instantly receive tickets via Web Service, sFTP, or other supported techniques from state 811 centers in your service zones. Additionally, the ticket management system must send updates back to the state 811 centers. This contains notes/remarks and attachments, such as site photos and information about positive responses.

User-friendly experience

There is nothing worse than trying to navigate a software that has too many clicks or with an antiquated look and feel. Both internal and external team members will use software that is easy to use. You must ensure the utility locating software you select is user-friendly and compatible with desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

Tabular views and maps

You should select a ticket management system that offers users a map view and the ability to search for tickets using a location. Users should be able to create a polygon and search for all tickets within it. The option for users to see tickets in a table format should also be available.

Offline mode

A ticket management system should support the requirement to operate offline or with no connectivity. Look for a solution that enables users to keep records even when there is no WiFi or cellular service and that will sync the data entered when offline once connectivity occurs.

Bulk tasking

The standard procedure for handling tickets includes the option to pick several tickets and enter bulk actions, such as responding or closing. Any locate and ticket management solution without this capability should be avoided.

Automated ticket processing

You must be able to screen and automatically close tickets using the ticket management software you select. Additionally, it should be able to route tickets to locators automatically depending on their location or other considerations, such as the type of ticket or work location.

Why choose Norfield?

Norfield has been a leader in the damage prevention industry for over 40 years with a team of developers that design next generation technology to stay ahead of the latest trends. We offer the best solutions for various industries necessary to locate utilities and keep our communities safe.

Prevention is key

The damages to utilities have been increasing especially with the amount of extensive infrastructure that abounds in the United States. Therefore, utilities and their locate services should do their research and find the right asset protection program. If searching for a utility locate ticket management software, Norfield is the best bet to keep people safe.

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