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The Basics of Damage Prevention Solutions

Underground utility asset damage from excavation can be very expensive. A gas pipeline strike could result in an explosion, potentially harming or even seriously killing people. Utility providers can help prevent damages with the use of damage prevention software, enabling utilities to increase the efficiency of their damage prevention programs. Please continue reading to find out more about this technology and the basic functionality of these solutions.

What do you mean by damage prevention software?

Software solutions for damage prevention, also coined as utility asset protection software, guards vital underground infrastructure, including telecommunications cables, gas and electric lines, and water pipes, against unauthorized excavation (or digging). Software is used, along with other proactive damage control measures like facility locating and labeling, to help locate utilities and related infrastructure before excavation occurs. As a result, an accident is less likely to happen, especially once utilities are marked and then communicated to various stakeholders of the place. Norfield offers damage prevention software solutions for utility companies to help mitigate the risk of damages due to excavation.

Who requires damage prevention solutions?

Utility companies use damage prevention solutions to view tickets submitted by excavators requesting a utility be marked. They also use software to assign a locator (internal or contract locator) to mark the utility and placement, as well as respond or provide the appropriate communication depending on the type of risk involved. These locators perform the many operational processes through the marking of a map, images, notes, and task completion within the damage prevention software.

Damage prevention software might be advantageous for any business that owns and manages important subsurfaces or infrastructure. This comprises, among others, gas, electric, water, sewer, and telecommunications businesses.

Why do utilities need damage prevention software?

No matter how big or small, excavations put vital subsurface infrastructure at risk. For this reason, both the federal and state governments mandate that all gas and hazardous liquid pipeline operators maintain a damage prevention program. Additionally, several telecommunications providers have initiatives designed specifically to stop excavation-related mishaps. Due to physical constraints or economic viability, thirty-five million tickets requesting utility markings, let alone 100 million tickets, cannot be successfully located before excavation occurs without the use of technology. Technology increases the ability to easily optimize processes, streamline workloads and harness information in real-time while fully leveraging the limitless power of data no matter where employees are located.

Why choose Norflied for damage prevention solutions?

At Norfield, we have a long and varied history of technological advancements in this industry and a team of experts that offer the best preventive solutions for damages in various industries, such as:

Also, we offer solutions for a variety of customers that include of:

  • LOCATOR LOGiX – ticket management for locators and utilities
  • DiG LOGiX – ticket management for excavators
  • INSiGHT LOGiX – industry wide predictive analytics
  • CENTER LOGiX – contact center management (CCM) for state 811 centers
  • GEO LOGiX – industry wide mapping and GIS tool


The threat of risks to our communities is unfortunately all too common these days. With almost 200,000 of reported unique damages to utilities annually, a damage prevention program that includes the software developed with the latest technology is imperative. At Norfield, you’ll find our LOGiX Platform is next generation software.

We drive safety through innovation.