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Eliminate the dangers and damages
associated with legal excavation.

Full-Service Ticket Submission & Management System for Excavators

Ticket creation and tracking doesn’t have to slow down the progress of your work. Are you an excavator or utility locator who want to locate utilities with swiftness so you can begin to dig? Is your current ticket submission and management slowing down your project?

Introducing DiG LOGiX

Norfield’s pioneering application allows you to generate, track, and transmit excavation requests in seconds. Receive notifications, monitor your tasks, and correspond with your utility teams using DiG LOGiX on a mobile platform. Our software streamlines all aspects of the excavation request with ease.

Core features include:

Our software helps reverse time-related delays with ease. Click on the button below to complete our contact form and start your demo today. Increase your efficiency by incorporating DiG LOGiX into your utility location arsenal. Your only regret? That you didn’t make it happen yesterday.

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as low as $23 per month

All FREE Features Plus