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Get mapping and GIS accuracy
before you dig.

Mapping & GIS Technology Platform

Accuracy during digging is essential. One human error could mean the difference between security and disaster. To provide service that is both secure and precise, your dig markings need to be exact. You should always take more options to ensure dig safety, and here is how our software can help.

GEO LOGiX is meant for use with our full product suite, this mapping application is essential in guaranteeing damage prevention. Our software harnesses the latest in cutting-edge GIS technology. With this app, you can update, add, and approve facility data at a moment’s notice. Using this with other Norfield products delivers unparalleled precision and efficiency.

Norfield is an Esri business partner and supports single sign-on for ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise. Seamlessly link your organization’s GIS data within the LOGiX Platform. No need to download from one system and upload to another. We make it easy to view your up-to-date GIS data across multiple platforms.

Core Features Include

Want to perform with a new level of precision? GEO LOGiX software is hand-tailored to meet your needs. Click on the button below to complete your contact form and initiate a demo. Our trailblazing technology is sure to streamline the mapping process in an instant.

Plan your day with GEO LOGiX’s weather radar functionality

GEO LOGiX offers the ability to plan the route of your locate field visits with complete weather radar integration. We know unexpected bad weather can affect your work day. Routing automation allows you to maximize productivity with confidence.

Watch this detailed video of the features in GEO LOGiX mapping services