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Improve the safety of worksites through
accurate and on-time locates.

Managing 811 Requests Can Become A Logistical Challenge

Without the proper software at your disposal, organizing tickets becomes an arduous task. With incorrect information comes the risk of danger. The safety of those around you depends on the accuracy of your locating. You need the right software on your side.

Ticket Response, Routing Capabilities, and Assignment Automation with Offline Mode Option

Ticket Response and Assignment Automation with Advanced Searching Functionality

Responsive Web Application with a Mobile First Design and Positive Response Posting and Status

7 Customizable Mapping Views (GEO LOGiX integration) with Accurate GIS Mapping


Our ticket management system streamlines your ability to receive requests and transmit them to one call centers. We also enhance your work by improving your location accuracy. Our software allows you to precisely mark your areas, so excavators and constructors don’t strike valuable assets.

Norfield is a proud Esri Technology Partner with seamless integration between ArcGIS, LOCATOR LOGiX and GEO LOGiX.

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Locator LOGiX is an 811 Center agnostic, utility locator ticket management
system that receives tickets directly from a state 811 center.

Find a better way to manage locate requests from 811 Centers

Let us show you how to automate processes for operational efficiencies and improve locate accuracy with GIS technology.

Key Features and Benefits:

Automated response rules to screen no conflict areas quickly

Clear and/or respond to batch tickets easily in just a couple of clicks

Auto route locates to maximize drive time featuring up-to-date weather radar

Auto assign tickets based on member codes, geographic location or ticket type

Offline mode for poor connectivity areas allows you to save all your work onsite

Next generation mapping & GIS offers location accuracy

Time and billing code management

Upload multiple images through native camera on device

Upload documents/files to ticket notes

Customize your dashboard to what is important to you

Vacation scheduler – never miss a ticket

Seamless Esri ArcGIS integration


Tickets Overview

Configure Auto-Assign Rules

Map Services - Tickets Overview

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