Norfield Development Partners and OHIO811 Expand Partnership

Ohio State Notification Center deepens partnership with leading software technology provider to transform damage prevention industry through revolutionary software platform

Norfield Development Partners (Norfield), a US-based software and technology provider that has delivered innovative solutions for the damage prevention industry for more than 40 years, today announced an expanded partnership with OHIO811 to provide their members with Norfield’s next generation SaaS products called LOGiX™ platform that include several innovations guided by customer feedback and designed by Norfield’s deeply experienced engineering and development team.

Norfield’s LOGiX™ platform delivers one call, location and excavation services, mapping & GIS, continuous intelligence (CI), artificial intelligence (AI), analytics and reporting. The LOGiX™ software suite is seamless, straightforward, scalable and vendor agnostic making it one of the most versatile and robust software platforms in the industry.

“Norfield is reimagining how technology can serve the damage prevention industry and those that work within it. We continue to collaborate with our long-standing partner with OHIO811 to keep Ohio communities safe,” said Chris LeBlanc, CEO of Norfield. “Working with the talented team at OHIO811 we are introducing our LOGiX™ software suite to their members. We are thrilled to be the technology backbone for OHIO811 as we modernize locates and utilize ticket data in new ways with state-of-the-art tools and intelligence.”

“Since 2008, OHIO811 has relied on Norfield Development Partner’s suite of software products and services to annually process more than 1.4 million incoming requests for underground utility locates,” stated Roger Lipscomb, President, OHIO811. “Those incoming requests result in the transmission of approximately 9.4 million excavation notifications to our utility members.”

“During that time, Norfield has become an essential partner, supporting the ability to fulfill our mission as the communications link between member utility owners/operators and those who have a need to excavate. Norfield’s technology provides an integral tool in OHIO811’s efforts to keep 11.8 million Ohioans safe from the consequences of excavation damages to the underground utility infrastructure,” continued Roger Lipscomb.

The partnership combines the strengths of both companies to deliver enormous benefits to the OHIO811’s members including:

  • Web-based locate management system designed for utilities and utility locators to manage their utility line locate requests sent by an 811 center
  • A revolutionary single-address ticket submission and management application designed for excavators, utilities, and homeowners to create and track their 811 tickets with ease
  • Mapping software to route response teams more efficiently, avoid unnecessary locates, and reduce errors with continually updating map data—accessible on mobile devices
  • Digital transformation for utilities, utility locators, excavators and 811 contact centers with continuous intelligence (CI)

Norfield’s LOGiX™ platform offers unrivaled next-generation technology with advanced communication features and reporting, automated processes, and revolutionary predictive analytics to help keep our communities safe now and into the future. Norfield’s LOGiX™ platform is available today.

About Norfield Development Partners:

Norfield Development Partner (Norfield) is a US based software and technology provider that has delivered innovative solutions for the damage prevention industry for more than 40 years. Our deep industry experience, thorough understanding of market dynamics, and commitment to technological advancement continues to keep Norfield at the forefront of the industry. Our customers range from Infrastructure, Government, Construction, Excavation, Utility and 811 Contact Centers. They span across the country and are among the most respected state notification centers within the US. Norfield’s software processes more than tens of millions of notification requests annually. Most importantly, Norfield has the longest industry track record of keeping people safe. For more information about Norfield, please visit

About OHIO811:

​​A vital resource for Ohio residents and businesses, OHIO811 is celebrating its 50th anniversary as a vital communication link between those who have a need to excavate and those who own, operate and/or maintain buried utility facilities within the state of Ohio. Founded in 1972 as the Ohio Utilities Protection Service, OHIO811 has processed more than 30 Million locate requests, including nearly 1.5 million in 2021. Each call or online locate request helps keep Ohio’s 11.8 million residents safe while protecting the state’s underground utility infrastructure. OHIO811 promotes “Contact 811 Before You Dig” compliance through public outreach and educational efforts, including a team of liaisons who are available to conduct safety presentations throughout the state. OHIO811 operates as a not-for-profit membership organization funded by its membership. For more information, please visit

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