Norfield Launches GEO LOGiX

Norfield Development Partners Launches Advanced Mapping and GIS Software

Software designed to revolutionize the damage prevention industry
Norfield Development Partners (Norfield), a US-based software and technology provider that has delivered innovative solutions for the damage prevention industry for more than 40 years, today introduced its next generation SaaS product called GEO LOGiX™ at part of the LOGiX™ suite that includes breakthrough mapping and GIS technology, resulting in the most accurate maps in the industry.

“The GIS technology included in Norfield’s recently launched GEO LOGiX mapping platform is one of the best in the industry today,” said Burt McAlpine, GIS Coordinator for JULIE, Inc. “GEO LOGiX offers best-in-class mapping with numerous views and layers available– grids, coordinates, parcels, polygons, image services, tile services, feature services, custom layers added by the 811 Contact Centers, and many more. The mapping tools they have created are both straightforward and intuitive. This makes it simple to produce accurate work-area polygons on every ticket.”

GEO LOGiX streamlines operations with its latest GIS technology by routing response teams more efficiently, avoiding unnecessary locates, and reducing errors. The continually updating map data—accessible on mobile devices—makes working on site more safe, precise, and
efficient. GEO LOGiX services are integrated across the LOGiX platform so advanced mapping application may be used within our full product suite or 3rd party applications. GEO LOGiX combines the latest and greatest in GIS technology with applications to update, add, and approve facility data at a moment’s notice with the confidence of accuracy.

“Accurate mapping is a critical component to keeping people safe in our industry,” said Chris Napoletano, VP of Software Development at Norfield. “GEO LOGiX’s location-based intelligence is exactly what 811 Contact Centers, member utilities, locators, and excavators need to ensure timely locates offering the most minute detail to identify the exact geographical location.”

GEO LOGiX is a principal example of how forward-thinking technology can transform the damage prevention industry. Key features include:

  • Use of Open Geo Consortium standards
  • Detailed and customizable styling of map features
  • Support for WFS and WMS map sources
  • Updated user interface including enhanced map tools
  • Geocoding for county, places, and streets
  • Access, edit and maintain member look-up data using existing GIS clients

Norfield’s GEO LOGiX offers unrivaled next-generation technology with advanced and accurate mapping features to keep our communities safe now and into the future. GEO LOGiX is available today.

About Norfield Development Partners:

Norfield Development Partner is a US based software and technology provider that has delivered innovative solutions for the damage prevention industry for more than 40 years. Our deep industry experience, thorough understanding of market dynamics, and commitment to technological advancement continues to keep Norfield at the forefront of the industry. Our customers range from Infrastructure, Government, Construction, Excavation, Utility and 811 Contact Centers. They span across the country and are among the most respected state notification centers within the US. Norfield’s software processes more than tens of millions of notification requests annually. Most importantly, Norfield has the longest industry track record of keeping people safe. For more information about Norfield, please visit

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