Norfield’s Continuous Intelligence Platform to Launch at OHIO811

INSiGHT LOGiXTM designed to transform damage prevention through revolutionary predictive insights and recommendations’ technology

Norfield Development Partner, a US-based software and technology provider that has provided innovative solutions for the damage prevention industry for more than 40 years, today announced that OHIO811 will soon go live with INSiGHT LOGiXTM. INSiGHT LOGiX is a continuous intelligence (CI) platform that delivers predictive insights and recommendations for asset protection, risk management and enhanced safety.

INSiGHT LOGiX was developed by Norfield and partner CodeData, Inc., a pioneering AI Digital Twin and recommendation technology provider. This combines two platforms into one leveraging the deep-domain experience of the damage prevention industry from Norfield with CodeData’s continuous intelligence (CI) platform that has successfully served other industries for several years.

Using a multitude of data, Norfield’s CI platform, powered by CodeData, allows OHIO811 to identify potential quality control concerns in real time. Some of these concerns may include deficiencies, such as invalid location/mapping information, conflicting or missing locate instructions, incorrect work-type info, and incorrect ticket priority types and much more.

“Our long-term relationship with Norfield allows OHIO811 to communicate with and support the needs of our members and industry stakeholders more efficiently and effectively. INSiGHT LOGiXTM gives us the ability to better combine, correlate and derive intelligence in real-time and allows us to provide better visibility to improve operations more efficiently,” said Roger Lipscomb, Executive Director of OHIO811. “It’s imperative for 811 centers to go beyond ticket management processes and learn from root cause analysis to make safety recommendations to prevent future damage.”

INSiGHT LOGiXTM integrates with Norfield’s Contact Center Management (CCM)TM platform CENTER LOGiXTM, prompting staff in real-time about high-risk tickets, safeguarding ticket accuracy before being delivered to a member utility.

“Norfield is on a mission to reimagine the role of technology in the damage prevention, construction, infrastructure and utility space,” said Chris Le Blanc, President & CEO of Norfield. “INSiGHT LOGiX is a proactive, complex, continuous intelligence platform with the analytical ability to aggregate millions of data points to provide real-time risk recommendations to prevent future damages. The benefits to stakeholders such as OHIO811 and its members are beyond anything in the industry today and is a huge leap forward in promoting safety excellence.”
“We are excited to work with Norfield and OHIO811 to predict risk and make recommendations using our AI and advanced analytics capabilities delivered by INSiGHT LOGiX for the many members of OHIO811,” said Sam Sur, CEO of CodeData, Inc. “Asset protection and real-time recommendations and alerts delivered directly to frontline workers are key to the success of safe excavation.”

About Norfield:

Norfield Development Partners (Norfield) is a US based software and technology provider that has delivered innovative solutions for the damage prevention industry for more than 40 years. Our deep industry experience, thorough understanding of market dynamics, and commitment to technological advancement continues to keep Norfield at the forefront of the industry. Our customers range from Infrastructure, Government, Construction, Excavation, Utility and 811 Contact Centers. They span across the country and are among the most respected state notification centers within the US. Norfield’s software processes more than tens of millions of notification requests annually. Most importantly, Norfield has the longest industry track record of keeping people safe. For more information about Norfield, please visit

​​About CodeData, Inc.:

Danville, California based CodeData, Inc. applies artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to solve transformational problems in manufacturing supply chain. With its vision of “Beyond reports and dashboards – from data to recommendations in seconds”, Makoro™, the Continuous Intelligence Platform from CodeData delivers real-time insights and recommendations in natural language to frontline workers, driving ROI for mid-market manufacturers in weeks. CodeData is uniquely positioned with depth and expertise in building scalable, data-driven enterprise solutions in the USA, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. For more information about CodeData, please visit

About OHIO811:

​​A vital resource for Ohio residents and businesses, OHIO811 is the vital communication link between those who have a need to excavate and those who own, operate and/or maintain buried utility facilities within the state of Ohio. Founded in 1972 as the Ohio Utilities Protection Service, OHIO811 has processed more than 30 million locate requests, including more than 1.5 million in 2022. Each call or online locate request helps keep Ohio’s 11.8 million residents safe while protecting the state’s underground utility infrastructure. OHIO811 promotes “Contact 811 Before You Dig” compliance through public outreach and educational efforts, including a team of liaisons who are available to conduct safety presentations throughout the state. OHIO811 operates as a not-for-profit organization funded by its membership. For more information, please visit

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