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Chris LeBlanc - President and Chief Executive Officer

About Chris LeBlanc

President and Chief Executive Officer

Chris has an entrepreneurial spirit and brings C-level vision and leadership to Norfield. With an extensive background in building companies via explosive growth in emerging markets and verticals, he has been shaking the foundation of traditional business methods in various leadership roles for over 20 years. Both domestically and internationally Chris is well recognized as an innovator and thought leader.

Chris has a wealth of knowledge in Commercial, Operational and Financial strategies required to excel in today’s competitive world. Chris’ career achievements include involvement in 30+ acquisitions of software and technology companies throughout North America, Europe and APAC while leading several global businesses.

Chris loves staying busy! He’s an active board member and volunteer with several well-known global philanthropic organizations. He cherishes his time with his family and enjoys spending summers at his cottage and in the winter skiing. Chris and his family recently relocated from the west coast and moved to NY State.