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Norfield’s advanced machine learning technology
helps to mitigate hazards before they happen

Major costs are incurred when service is interrupted no matter the cause. Just a few of the outcomes that can come from an excavation that damages buried infrastructure – outages that shut down massive networks, fines for every minute of downtime, costly repairs and angry customers.

Norfield can help prevent damage to fiber networks and protect critical investments with the use of next-generation damage prevention technology.

Identify risk to assets and protect based on priorities

The use of extensive mapping tools to pinpoint the exact area

Easy state by state configurations for national telecom providers

Norfield's LOCATOR LOGiX

Norfield's LOCATOR LOGiX Brings Operational Efficiencies to Leading Telecommunications Service Provider in Illinois

Industry Stat

“When talking to communications stakeholders with firsthand experience with damage investigation, claims recovery, and field operations they all recognize that even if they recover all the actual repair costs, it is still only a fraction of the true costs. When the hard costs are combined with the soft costs, only 40-50% is usually recovered – even when the contractor or locator is 100% at fault. And keep in mind, many times it is neither the locator or the contractor’s fault.”

-Scott Landes Publisher, dp-Pro