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Norfield Helps Government and Municipalities
Manage their Most Critical Asset - Infrastructure

Many of the largest cities, municipalities and public service entities in North America rely on Norfield’s damage prevention solutions to keep their communities safe. These entities include water commissions, water authorities, co-ops, public services, public works, colleges and universities and more.

Norfield has been a trusted solutions provider for government and municipalities for more than 40 years.

The LOGiX Platform helps to –

Evaluate risk and comply with federal and state regulations

Streamline operations with automated efficiencies

Reduce expenses to the 811 call centers with informative tools

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Industry Stat

According to OSHA, excavating is recognized as one of the most dangerous jobs in construction operations. The risks of damaging underground utilities are tremendous, and it might be shocking to know that the number one issue facing our industry today – FAILURE to even notify an 811 Call Center before digging occurs.